Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Whenever I read It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken, I always think about when people say that something is universal as a disclaimer. You know, it may be about (insert disempowered group here- this could be anything from race, sexual orentation, heck, some folks try to be like this book/movie/comicbook is not just for women, it's for everybody). This graphic novel sets off this reaction because it's so particular. I mean, Canadian white men who are generally morose, oddly obsessed with retro aesthetics and have the time and means to track down cartoonists from the 40s, well, a large slice of the population, that is not. Yet somehow we don't need disclaimers to enjoy Seth's quest to find the elusive Kalo. And that's one wish I have for all media. I want books, comics, movies, whatever, to be able to honestly represent the experiences of people of color, women, people with different sexual orientations, transfolk,etc without getting disclaimered. I want everyone to have enough faith in themselves and their reading/viewing skills to think hey, I can watch a movie about any human being and feel empathy even though some people have different experiences than me and may not look like me.


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