Sunday, December 03, 2006

And damn those pesky little girls, reading, like, girly jap comics instead of "Pussey!" or "Jizz". What's up with that? How are they ever going to grow into mature comic-reading adults?

A funny quote from the TCJ board. Nothing annoys me more than the fact that some folks act like girls reading wait for it..girls comics is somehow shocking and bad for comics as a whole. I mean seriously, folks back in Japan have done a lot of market research. Their manga magazines are big business. So of course after years of work finding exactly what appeals to 12 year old girls- well, of course some 12 year old girls are going to be appealed to.

And why should we expect all comics readers to follow the tastes of a few white male art comics readers? The medium is wide enough to accommodate people who want Clowes and people who want Mars or shockingly enough, people who want both at different times!

Yes, sometimes I do like to read David Boring. I think it's a good work. But I also like Fruits Basket. I enjoy both the form of Clowes and the pure emotional sensibility of the artist/writer of Fruits Basket. So I don't think the fact that not every single manga ever is a Nausicaa is really an indicment of manga as a whole.

The truth is that between classics and crap there are often solid workmanlike pieces that entertain. There is a space for those because they do their job, and do it well.


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