Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Action Girl

A long time ago, Evan Dorkin gave my mom's class a large stack of Action Girls. I'm supposed to go through the comics in the questionable pile and see if they have cuss words in them. I like Action Girl so much I've been putting issues in the no pile for merely having the word shit or bitch in them..

>_< This comic should not be allowed within 500 miles of a school. Also, some good lulz- fanboys react to this piece of shit. Because showing young girls as sexual predators in a society(the us) that jumps for any excuse to say that a woman wanted any sexual contact what so ever is totally a great idea and a win for women everywhere! The only way this could be like Shin Chan is if Shin Chin waved his penis around and yelled I want you to suck my dick! And even then, the myths about young males and sexual assault are different.

Another pet peeve- a woman drawing things does not make them OK. K, thx, bai.


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the marketing tell us everything we need to know:



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