Monday, November 17, 2008

More fruits basket fangirl crap

I'm enjoying the tropers updating the fruits basket character sheet. I especially like the real girls don't wear dresses link to the fandom wank kerfuffle for us late bloomers here. I like girl!akito because it's nice to see a woman chracter be evil in less of 'that evil bitch's hot tits made me do X!" way and more of a "heh, I'm evil, bitches!' way. However, I always find it hard to not make girl!akito too girly. I mean, she's been raised as a man, and isn't particularly feminine.

You know, I have a soft spot for not particularly feminine characters, such as Nobara from Crimson Hero or Haruhi from Ouran. I don't think that not making them girly girls makes them like makes them women who aren't girly girls. I'm OK with girly girls to a point, but femininity isn't really my gig...


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