Friday, March 27, 2009

Buying used books on amazon is always an adventure. My Ouran 8 has a section that was bound upside down and backwards, and my crimson hero 6 is an old library copy. Ouran 8 was quite touching, but I'm wondering if I should buy a copy that isn't messed up or just keep the one I have. I missed this one, so I missed the making explicit of Tamaki's reasoning for being Haruhi's 'father'. The OT7 is breaking apart slowly, slowly. By vol 11, it's still together, but I need to see it dissolve some more.

Crimson Hero 6 was in fine form. I was worried the love story would take away from the volleyball, but luckily, they didn't obsess about it too much and got into the whole 'how to deal with a star player on a mediocre team' problem instead. I'm pumped for Crimson Hero 9 now, which I bought a day or so ago.

I broke down and bought the Fruits Basket fan book. *dies* I would have preferred more information on the mysteries of fruits basket and fewer love quizzes, but I understand that I'm too old to love Fruits Basket the way I do. ;_; But I also love the Mitsu/Ritsu comic... The truth is that the character I'm most like is Ritsu, even though my favorites are Shigure and Akito.

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