Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is a well written critique and all that, but I still have some thoughts on how it could be improved. First, this person should have made the need for racial diversity as well more explicit. The younger people are getting more and more diverse, and yea, while we all love our old white heroes, get some new blood in that is in the driver's seat, not just on the sidelines. (I thought maybe it'd be cool if DC repackaged some of those old Milestone comics as little graphic novels.) Toxic levels of white privilege may block this somewhat, but that's just throwing money out the window. Also, price is very important. The price point of manga is a huge selling point. I like my American comics, but sometimes the graphic novels have fewer pages for a bigger price. I love the ten bucks for 200 pages standard because that's a nice big chunk at a nice low price. I'm totally for this experiment- even at 2 dollars more they are certainly going in the right direction.


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