Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's comic buys:

Hot Gimmick 11- I need to know what happened. I also am addicted to the art style.

Stagger Lee- I saw an attractive looking preview of 15 pages, and wanted to see more.

Tokyo Boys and Girls- Following a mangaka, and hey, less than 5 bucks shipped. The other mangaka I follow is Yazawa Ai.

I am always in awe of people who can say "this week's comic buys". I know it's based off the old direct market system, which I never got the hang of. That's why I am more at home with manga and the alt books, because with manga and some of the bigger alt books, it's easy to go to the book store and have what you want in hand. Manga volumes are numbered for easy use(some American comics copy this- like there's now Scott Pilgrim 3) so you always know what to get and alt comics are more convenient because there's not so much backstory to learn. There's no spin offs or cross overs or non canon episodes(note the complicated backstory for this minor character who I had never heard of). Now, that may happen in webcomics, but the singular group of creators tends to keep it from going too crazy. I think that is why you see a more diverse group of people searching the bookstore shelves for manga and sometimes some American comics. For manga, if you can figure out how to read backwards, you're in. For indie comics, you don't even need that. Heck, with webcomics, you don't even need any money most of the time.


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