Sunday, March 04, 2007

I don't get what is so hard about figuring out what women want from comic books. When I open a comic book, I want a light entertainment. I want to laugh or cry or want someone to win or to lose. I agree about the fact that rape needs to be left out of it. Many women are rape survivors and don't want to be reminded of their trauma in funnybooks, and other women, like me, don't like the "the story is getting boring- throw in a rape" style of excecution.

However, I feel optimism for the future of comics. In this year, we have Fool's Gold, YU+ME, Templar Arizona and more books coming out from female artists. We have even more self published or web only work. These story tellers don't need to throw in random tits or rapes to get their point across, and they are really entertaining.

I think eventually superhero comics will shrink down to the size it is supposed to be - a small genre in a big pool of exciting innovative comics.


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