Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gross Comic Cancelled

Score one for decency! Although I still wonder who in the Action Girl committee thought that such words as bitch and ass were all ages. Well, more action girl for me, although I do have a quibble with issue 12. I think more folks need to see the possibilities in rejecting femininity. Thrifting or making your own while cheaper doesn't increase the level of possibilities open to women appearance wise. We should make it clear to younger girls that they don't have to wear makeup, shave, or do whatever crap is in this year to feel good about themselves.

I like being a second wave activist myself. I'm 22, and think that shitty comic figures are not a victory for women everywhere. Oh yea, and I hate women like this too. Did you know that getting a hobby and having a personality can work for women? Because defining yourself by your makeup isn't getting it.


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