Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bitter Virgin

Ok, I'm pretty creeped out. Before he learns she was raped, she's a 'pass', but afterwards, it's all love story from then. I'm not sure rape and abortion makes a good ground for a romance. I mean, what is the attraction? "The girl who is hard to get'? The thought that he can 'save' her from her past? I'm not sure that's healthy. Of course, I think it's uncomfortable for me because even when reading manga with plots including rape, like Nana, or child abuse, like Fruits Basket or Kare Kano, we have a whole lot of time to get acquainted with the characters before the heavy stuff hits, so it doesn't come off as the typical 'excuse plot' to get people together. By that time, the story has grown beyond its premise and become it's own.

An additional Persona 3 note: Even on a second play through, I feel weirded out that MC is in a love triangle including a robot.

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