Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Set Phasers on Awesome! w/ Spoilers

I watched the Star Trek movie and it was great. I thought I had forgotten all of my Star Trek knowledge, but then I was like, everyone knows that Captain Kirk was the only person to pass the Koboyashi Maru[sp?] and thinking 'hey, why aren't those red shirts wearing red shirts', so I guess I must have retained almost all of the information I had.

I tried to remember that the physical rules of the Star Trek universe are different from ours. Because really...I'm not sure things would explode that pretty in space, and really, how did they avoid being sucked into those black holes? Also, I think that movie!Spock, movie!Kirk and movie!Uhuru in any combination is my OT3, even though I must ponder what's with my love of OTXs and what's with all the het pairings. I know everyone's like engage thrusters on K/S, but...

I was glad that it wasn't overly violent. When I'm playing a game, I'll be like 'eh, this game is too happy. Dead corpses hanging upside down? Eh, where's the fountains of blood and coffins everywhere?" But when seeing a movie in a theater, I really don't feel comfortable. Maybe it's because I think small children should see less violence nowadays, and many parents think *every* movie is appropriate for kids.

Of course, the whole time travel business made me think 'are they going to incorporate a time loop?' But then again...I may have played too much Final Fantasy- both 1 and 8 had time loops as plot devices.

Also,some of those girls in the background had some nice fros.

Also, the whole 'you're a child of two worlds, Spock' thing annoyed me because I don't like the undertone that mixed race[although here it's mixed species] people are necessarily caught between two worlds. Some biracial people identify with more one than the other, some identify with something totally different. And even monoracial people are children of many worlds.



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