Saturday, May 02, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Etsy covers free comic book day. I therefore learn that Dame Darcy has a shop.

In a painful case of overbuying, I picked up Skip Beat 18 and Nana 16.

Skip Beat 18 had enough bits about Ren and Kyoko's past and Kyoko learning about how to really act that I didn't mind the Ren/Kyoko romance or the general lack of Sho. Ren and Kyoko are OK as a sort of background couple, but eh, they don't seem to have much chemistry.

Nana 16 was quite satisfying as usual. It had a lot of the themes I enjoy- such as the difference of the dream of being in a band and the reality, how people drift apart over time, etc. The glimpses of the future often confuse me though. A nice extra manga with Nobuo's past explored is included in this volume.

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