Wednesday, July 08, 2009


People continue to overthink Fruits Basket, as I finally get chapter 132 in a good translation. VIVA AWESOMENESS! I still think Tohru saved the day using romance[the curse broken because the cat could form a new bond], but the fact that she was willing to do something besides 'love' makes her all good in my neighborhood. I especially liked the acknowledgment that not everything is going to be peaches and cream after the curse.

Sadly, I can't write any fanfiction lately. The story I've been writing needs to be broken up into two or three stories, so I'm pretty sad about that.

In other Fruits Basket news, a guy notes that Fruits Basket is really a story about a cycle of generational neglect and abuse. Personally from what I remember of the anime I don't think that theme is brought out enough, and so we end up with the fluffy stigma, and even worse....fluffy!Shigure. NOOOOO

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