Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ha Ha Ha, No!

The reason why we can't 'tolerate diverse stories' is that basing a fic off your real life because THE MAIN CHARACTER IS OMG, SO MUCH LYKE ME! is just asking for Mary Suedom. The reason people don't like that sort of story is that if you have to say 'it's based off of my real life', it's crap. If you can't justify your plot internal to the story or at least from canon, do a rewrite. If we can't tell, you've succeeded. But for god's sake, I don't care HOW funny your little friends at school are. Really!

In other news, the central library in Memphis is where they keep their manga. They seem to have at least 20 volumes of Prince of Tennis. I'll start on that. I already checked out Megatokyo. Very, very, pleased. I'm still working my way through Full Metal Alchemist, and hope to write up some ship manifestos some day.

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