Monday, September 07, 2009

School Days

Tons of anime spoilers here! And trigger warning too. The thing I like best about School Days is that everyone is competing all out for a worthless prize. At the end, most of the girls realize that. Makoto's childhood friend and that random girl who has the hots for Taisuke are like 'you're an asshole, goodbye'. Those three girls that screwed Makoto's attitude was "Eh, we only screwed him because all the cool kids were doing it. Hey, let's go and fuck your boyfriend, random girl!"

Only Sekai and Katsura were still fighting over this worthless dude. Although maybe the bullying Katsura endured, and the fact that it really looks like that asshole Taisuke raped her, helped push her over the edge, although I still think murdering Seikai and carrying around Makoto's severed head was a bit much. I know that high school SEEMS like a big deal, but if the police existed in this world[or teachers, people's parents or any authority figures whatsoever],everyone would be in big trouble, what with all the sleeping with the whole school, secretly video taping people having sex in school areas, and of course, the whole murder thing.

But then again, the end really cements the point that all of this was worthless. Being a severed head's girlfriend is nothing to brag about.



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