Sunday, January 24, 2010

Complaining About Tropes You Don't Like

Really folks, renaming Colony Drop is not necessary. A peeve of mine is that some folks want to rename every single anime reference on the wiki. Now, some references are opaque and silly. I wouldn't name a trope The Shigure to refer to a character that has a fetish for sticking his dick in the crazy, as even many Fruits Basket fans[i.e. the anime only ones] have no idea that he loves sticking his dick in the crazy.

We don't want to be as obscure as that, but part of the fun of the wiki is learning new stuff. I don't know who Xanatos is, but I managed to learn by reading the description. Clarity in titles is good, but we shouldn't eliminate all character or work inspired trope names, or anything that refers to anime or manga. The sort of person who hasn't heard of Discworld or needs excessive explanation to understand what a Colony Drop might be probably isn't the sort of person who reads tvtropes.


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