Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Manga vs Anime

Manga wins for me. Take my favorite series Fruits Basket- in the anime, you get less than half the story. In the manga, you get the whole story. Same for Kare Kano. And Ouran is now up to the part where it's really getting good in the manga, whereas the anime was still in the slapstick phase when I left it.

I think maybe my preference for drama over action and slapstick is why I prefer manga. Slapstick is OK as a sort of garnish, but too much and it's like eating parsley as a main dish. And I like action if it has something to do with the plot- I want to see a fight because our hero must fight the Big Bad's plan to make orphans into Soylent Green, not MY PENIS IS BIG! NO MY PENIS IS BIGGER! NO IT'S NOT! LET'S FIGHT!

But drama- I can stand drama on almost anything. Manga can have a narrower audience, so they have more leeway to write about things I actually care about.



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