Friday, February 05, 2010

Wild Mass Guessing!

Today I plan to tell you all some terrible theroeis I have made up-

Black Bird- Misao is just going along with the whole marry a tengu plan as she thinks being sexually abused by some guy she has vague childhood memories of is better than being raped and then killed. After Kyo rescues her in vol 1, he notes that things will get a lot worse without his protection.

Fruits Basket- Shigure executed a successful Hikaru Genji plan. Shigure is depicted in flashbacks as comforting Akito, and kissing and giving a flower to little Akito in a slightly inappropriate way. Akito is depicted as saying that Shigure was kind, like her father. Could Shigure have been playing on her warm feelings from her childhood crush to get them together? Probably.

Code Geass- Lelouch and C.C. have had sex. No evidence. Just wishful thinking



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