Thursday, April 01, 2010

Why Don't They Lisence Hotaru no Hikari?

PLEASE?! Hotaru is such a charming character. Nothing better than a good romance without rape, vampires or the love of a good woman redeeming a bad boy's heart. She's a bit insecure, but this is a good comedy without too many hijinks. There's nothing better than a comic for 20 year olds. Personally, I want Hotaru and her boss to end up together. There's nothing I like better than two adults that get along get getting together.

Today I also read the 2nd volume of Butterflies, Flowers. While no rape, vampires, or the love of a good woman are involved in this manga either, it's a bit too 'light' for me, so I'm dropping the series. I did like the snarky coworkers, but you can't distinguish them from each other, and I also can't really see Choko and Domoto together. I know they are together, but the chemistry just isn't working for me. Also, it has the same 'obstacles to lurve are easily surmounted' problem that Otomen had. At least Choko's little brother is funny, but he has very few appearances.

I want to support more josei manga in the US, but this series is just OK. BTW: 2nd volume actually does have explicit content.



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