Friday, March 26, 2010

In the 13th hour of FF13

There will be spoilers. I'm at the part right after Szah and Vanille skip through a beautiful forest filled with evil sentient bell peppers. Right now in my game, Lightening and Hope are having a realization which shows that they really are their stated ages. Lightening wanting to actually do something productive, and Hope wanting to shut out the world by blasting some robots with flames.

People say that they don't know what is going on, which is odd since there are useful explanations every time you reload your saved game. To recap, you live in a futuristic hell scape where strange beings toy with you at will. Also, the government is apparently run by the military.

The battle system seems fine to me. The cute names for various paradigms helps me because I can remember to switch on the fly. To me, it's basically a more streamlined way of saying "I want to spam cure three times! Now change paradigms! Time to asskick!" I was not especially tied to the choose attack from the menu three times' mechanic, so I'm all good . I also don't mind the 'lack' of shops. In a futuristic hellscape, apparently they use computers for shops now.
I don't like the lack of control over the other party members. That was the worst part of Persona 3, except for your team mates aren't going to actively kill you with their terrible AI decisions in FF13.

My favorite character is Lightening. I'm all GIRL CLOUD! YOU ARE SO COOL! Hope is slightly improving with his desire to get stronger, even if it's for the wrong reasons. Vanille is annoying, and probably from Pulse.



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