Saturday, July 03, 2010

2d rules

I love 2d. I remember when Zelda made the leap to 3d- I got motion sickness, so I couldn't really enjoy the game. I also got motion sickness from Doom back in the day, so I don't play FPSes. I think the resurgence in 2d can reach both new gamers and old gamers who remember the simple fun of 2d.

Speaking of old memories, Funi is reliscencing classics like Lain and Haibane Renmei. and Rightstuf is reliscencing Utena. This is good because newer fans can see some of the best of the medium.

BTW: I'm geeking out over Welcome to the NHK. I love how the show doesn't shy away from showing that these are unpleasant, broken people. Misaki's strong interest isn't just the random love of a beautiful woman for a loser you often see, but is shown to be unhealthy- "I finally found a hunk of refuse worse than me!" I like that Misaki is her own character- she's not just a collection of traits- "let's make her a tsundere with twin tails and oh! freckles! freckles are hot this year!" but she actually has reasons for her actions. Just very twisted reasons.

And Sato and Yamazaki aren't basically nice guys who are rejected by girls for no good reason. Sato occasionally forgets to even bathe, and has a nasty habit of getting really obsessed with almost anything, and Yamazaki is an asshole with a fixtation on 2d chicks that strikes even me- someone with a blog about obsessing about this sort of thing- as creepy.



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