Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whole Lot of Manga Going On

It's been outrageous here, but I'll try to review the manga as well as I can-

Afterschool Charisma

Since I read this online first, I'll probably focus a lot of the actual design of the book. It's a little bigger than the typical manga, and has a nice slipcover. The first few pages are color- they reminded me of how the book Fables is colored somehow. Reading the story all together gives me a greater sense of the mystery, and clears up a lot of things that I missed at first reading. I found the characters engaging, especially Freud and Hitler. I like Freud's intellectualism and think that he'll carry much of the plot in which we find out about the shadowy organization(s) floating around, and I also am intrigued by Shiro's father- he seems a lot more menacing on this reading.

There was more unnecessary nudity than I remember- including a short comic that wasn't online involving more boobage and Freud. I was actually amused by it though.

Gakuen Alice

Another drama about a school for the extraordinary. I bought two volumes because I got a great deal, and really enjoyed them. This manga appears to be for children, so it's got a great light humorous feel- with many amusing special powers from inventing things to facilitate laziness to a human pheromone machine, and plenty of quirky characters. However, there's a lot of mysteries- why are Alices confined to school grounds? What are the administrators planning? Who can Mikan-a typical plucky and absent minded shoujo heroine-trust? I think my pocket book will cry through all 20 volumes of these mysteries.

Andromeda Stories

This is a nice sci fi classic romp. I found the 3 volumes in the library, and enjoyed its classic usage of themes of man's dependency on machine, psychic powers, and adventure. I did not enjoy the theme of twincest, but the character's struggles seemed real and engaging- and the fight against the machine menace was well rendered. The end gave me a melancholy feeling, which is one of the best ways a manga can make me feel. Very classic.



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