Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Black Bird 7 and Gakuen Alice 15

Black Bird is a manga that gives you blue balls, even if you have no balls. Misao and Kyo continue to not have sex for this entire book. As everyone predicted, nothing occurs to break the status quo. (Last book it was WILL KYO HAVE SEX WITH SOME DRAGON DUDE'S SISTER. We all knew he wouldn't. He didn't.) This book it's WILL KYO HAVE SEX WITH MISAO SO HE CAN DEFEAT SOME DUDE?! (No. He won't. I bet Kyo and Misao *never* have sex.) Really, this book's a big tease. They could string this out forever with more SHOCKING THINGS THAT WON'T HAPPEN, and I worry they will.


Gakuen Alice 15 stops our hope that the plot will be advanced cold with a lot of wacky hijinks and boring romance. I counted about 5 pages in which the plot advanced(OK, I didn't literally count). I want to know way more about why there's a horrible child abusing school and way way way less about how Mikan bravely holds up under the fact that some people she doesn't know believe rumors about her. Really, kid, your life is in danger. Extremely dangerous and crazy people have their eye on you. They have superhuman powers. Let's worry more about that, and less about whether you can win Miss Popularity,ok?



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