Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For heaven's sake

I wish folks would lighten up on fanficrants. Really, not all of us live in sparkly poo land in which all dudes wear enough makeup to kill a horse, who can take a 12 inch dildo with no pain and who deep throat on first try and whose penises ejaculate ice cream instead of semen. If you live in sparkly poo land, that's fine, but really, in most canons, people don't live in sparkly poo land. Blushing schoolboys who get all embarrassed about kissing are not likely sex gods, military men who live in the trenches probably wait til after battle to get the mascara and blush out, and yes, most people *would* notice if your average office worker sprouted wings. Really.

And by the way? I don't care about your kink. If you can't sell your kink to me, make me believe that this situation is plausible, well, suck it up and learn to write.



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