Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished the Big Book of Bone

Today I finished the big book of Bone. 13 years of comics for $30... I liked that through everything, Phoney was always the same. In an epic story sprawling thousands of years, and full of stuff about the world of dreams, it's good to see that you can always rely on Phoney's wacky schemes. You can also rely on Thorn to rush off blindly and somehow be alright too.

I found the big book of Bone hidden between some super hero comics in the library. I remembered a small bit of Bone that I had bought back in high school, back when I went to a comic shop, instead of doing the efficient thing and ordering everything from amazon.

I find floppy comics a big problem- $3 for maybe 40 pages, when I can get 200 pages for $10? Just say no. BTW: I think they should start collecting Castle Waiting volume 2.



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