Friday, September 25, 2009


Darn you comic book guy! I thought getting a volume of Otamen for $1 was a great deal. But the mixture of gender bending fun[yes, I somehow can't get enough of manly girls and girly men] and wondering if the manga substoryline and the fact that dude is totally gay for Asuka will be used in an awesome manner or not.

I am not caught up on fandoms. On anime/manga, I think I'm about at 2005 on average. Series I need to see include Eva,yes, but I have seen the 1st season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, read up to volume 18 of Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

On American TV, I haven't seen Glee, am about 1 or 2 seasons behind on the Office, haven't seen Buffy at all, ever....

On video games and comics,hopelessly uncaught up. Due to the fact I've got no next gen systems.

I think I get behind on entertainment as it seems to require some sort of organization to prioritize what you want to watch, etc. I wonder how those folks who live twitter every episode of every show do it.

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