Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is Kanji's Sexuality A Red Herring?

Some dude with a blog says that gender issues are the real focus. Personally, I think in game, Kanji's sexuality is whatever is funniest at the time, and in my personal canon, he is bi.

My favorite character is Naoto, who gets less essay time, even though I did like how Naoto's story is also about strict gender roles. Spoilers from here on. Naoto has internalized that cool detectives are all men, and also, the fact that while she is already treated as a child by agencies, but being a girl would make that worse.

Her dungoen is nice through- underscoring the fact that even though she acts like an adult, she has the underlying immaturity that most highschoolers have. I like that about Persona 4- even though they have AWESOME MYSTICAL POWERS! They are still teens- Yosuke is exceedingly immature about Kanji's possible sexuality, Chie bickers with Yosuke, Yukiko goes on insane giggle fits...

It's weird to see works with high schoolers being invincible heroes who never angst or do anything stupid.

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