Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have now read Suppli 1-3. Personally, I read it for the art. Fuji's tangly hair, and the different and interesting angles that the panels take- I love. The role that sexism plays in pushing our characters towards 'love' is interesting too. The glass ceiling is mentioned several times- women getting the worst projects, being stuck on the lowest ladder, etc, so that marriage seems to be the only option for a fulfilling life. The mentions of the generational mismatch between older supervisors stuck in the 'bubble era' and younger workers who have never known that flashy life give this manga extra dimension that keeps it from being blah blah romance.

The lack of wacky hijinks also makes me glad. I'm OK with hijinks in moderation, but the trend is to get so bogged down in episodic hijinks that the manga ends up with no plot at all.

Too bad it'll be forever until Suppli 4 comes out.

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