Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Fannish Weirdness

While babbling excitedly over the idea of Nana vol 19 sailing its way to my home, I'm bothered by fanfic rants. I think that bothered me because I don't think being bothered about issues of consent is THE OPPOSITE OF FEMINISM! I'm reminded of this post. Even though I personally hope that all the porn out there is consensual as far as the actresses are concerned[but in this era of random internet porn, who knows whether this is true or not. I try to think so, but I am probably wrong], the fact that on screen, existing near the phallus is consent for sex gives me pause.

In stories, we can at least give the character's internal thoughts voice and show our characters' trust and mutuality. I need to be shown the consent- shown the lust on both sides, the consideration for the well being and pleasure of the other, the sweet suggestion. Without that, often the scenes end up reading as unlabeled rape. Your romantic sex scene becomes dark and twisted instead. And that's not what you want.



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