Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Curious about Ratings...

I read Butterflies, Flowers and volume 2 of Future Diary today. Butterflies, Flowers is rated M despite the fact that the only nudity is basically a man taking his shirt off. There are some mild gay jokes [ha ha mr extreme sexual harasser! If you want a virgin, well...] and crossdressing, but personally, I don't think mention of gayness or crossdressing is deserving of an M and shrink wrap. I mean, we have tons of mention of crossdressing and gayness on that level in Ouran.

Future Diary only has an older teen rating, despite nudity{I think I saw a nipple], and more importantly, the fact that a junior high school student is running around murdering people with axes. Oh yea, and implication of past gang rape[...why the naked woman around a huge group of dudes while she's talking about them stealing her innocence otherwise?] and even a chained up woman wearing only underwear who has had her eye gouged out?

Personally, I think that's requiring a mature rating more than the light slapstick of Butterflies, Flowers...

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Blogger Josh Miller said...

The only suggestions I have...

It may have to do with when it was released. Sometimes what is considered "bad" varies over time.

Alternately, depending onw hat else appears in other volumes, things may "become M rated". so they blanket the whole series with one rating.

1:04 PM  
Blogger shannon said...

The Flowers and Butterflies thing seemed really new...and I guess it might be M rated in the future, josei and all, but Future Diary is M rated right now.

4:40 AM  

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