Friday, February 26, 2010

Man, I'm so disappointed!

For reasons unknown[I must have preordered it], Skip Beat volume 20 showed up at my door today. Sadly, it was more about the Maria storyline, and I'm not interested in Maria at all. She's a cute side character, but she's more of the type to get a whole chapter devoted to her than a whole book.

The storylines in Skip Beat I am interested in are Sho/Kyoko- will Sho realize he loves her? Will Kyoko realize this and laugh because his dreams are crushed, crushed into gravel? Kyoko's type casting is also a storyline I'm interested in- will she take Ren's dad's advice and triumph? And what about her mom? Why does her mom hate her so much? Why did she practically abandon her? Does Kyoko even have a dad?

The mangaka has some good visual metaphors and there's some Moko and her friendship with Kyoko, but I'm sighing for more of the good stuff.



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