Monday, March 08, 2010

Tenative Steps and I'm Sick of Japan

This guy really is sick of Japan. Culture shock is a mother. Come home, son of America! Come home! Our reality shows are more aligned to your cultural sensibility!

Now, back to obsessing about Planetes. Ok, today's episode is Tentative Steps, and it gives me a reason to muse about the idea that anyone can reach any goal. Hachi and Hakim are completely dedicated to their goal of going to Jupiter, even to the point of taking quite extreme measures to reach it. But...what's so good about reaching your goal if others suffer or are crushed beneath your towering dreams? I have to admit that I love Planetes. I love Lavie and his servile devotion to the company, the manager and his buffoonery, Yuri's upstanding heart, Tanabe's naivete, everything! I love how geopolitical forces and office politics warp everyone, even though they are doing their best. I don't have words to express my Planetes love.



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