Friday, July 16, 2010

As an asshole...

really...I don't need 'art' to tell me that 'girl gamers' are appropriately feminine, and shit. You know why women[really, to me a girl gamer is a five year old girl playing with a DS] game? Because games are awesome fun. We don't play games so that you can have eye candy to look at while playing Halo or to make sure you have a hawt girlfriend who loves games too.

Even if all girl gamers were the most stone butch women ever, you know what? Our looks are none of your beeswax. We're not in it to please your eyes. We're in it to crush Rome, destroy the zombies, and harvest the most tomatoes.

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Anonymous Josh Miller said...

That article is right. Girl gamers are not Tomboys.

That would imply they play the same games guys and everyone knows Girls only play the Pet/Baby/and IMAGINE sublines of games.

6:15 AM  
Blogger shannon said...

Hehehe, even if we only played Pet/Baby/Imagine games, we'd still be gamers, playing games.

BTW: Final Fantasy and Civilization are now FOR GIRLS as I have tainted them with estrogen! hahahaha!

7:29 AM  

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