Saturday, July 03, 2010

Suppli 4 + 5 Omnibus

I read this recently, and I have to say I enjoy the lyricism of the art work, the way the text is set out, the general feel of this comic. My favorite part was when Watanabe finally yells at a newbie who is looking down at her for doing clerical work. That newcomer at the officer judges her for because her work isn't high paying or high status, but Watanabe pushes back- noting that she makes her way in the world, and does her best. I also think that maybe our characters will realize in a broader way that judging someone on whether they are married or dating is just as limiting. I think Fuji realizes that on some level- she thought back on how at first she thought she didn't want to be like this single older woman at this office, but when she saw the look on the newcomer's face when she said she wasn't seeing anyone, she thought that she didn't want to be judged that way.

I admire Fuji's spark and desire to be on the top workwise, and don't really see romance as as important as the characters here consider it to be. Of course, I'm always tripped by the working women theme. Aren't we all working? What's the reasonable alternative, I think. But then again, different worlds. The chance of me becoming a stay at home mom is about the same as winning the lottery, but I guess for some it is a viable option.

Note: to see some of the panel design, this review shows some of the art work. I really wish they'd put out the rest of this.



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