Sunday, February 06, 2011

I don't get it...


Dude, real life does not consist entirely of people who are non annoying, smart and sane. Even the real work world does not consist of people who are 'the ideal'. Annoying hot heads, the socially dense, the cowardly and the mentally ill exist in the real world with varying amounts of success, whether we measure it as having huge amounts of money, fitting in in the dysfunctional corporate milieu or having friends and family that adore you.

If we're talking about the unrealistic parts of anime, I'd go first for "dude, those giant robots aren't possible, especially since they are fueled by dragons" or "her tits are in fact bigger than her head". We could discuss how yelling out your attacks would alert your enemy and not do anything, or how dudes who try to rape you all the time in fact are not your best bet for a romantic partnership.

A good exploration of rapist and rapee in love, seme and uke dynamics, or even how the most plain and dull guys have tons of extremely attractive girls crawling all over them would be an interesting exploration of how unrealistic anime is on the characterization front. All we have here is "I don't like the character, so they wouldn't survive in real life". WEAKSAUCE.

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