Friday, July 24, 2009

Epic Suck on EA's Part

EA decides to take the focus off crazy things like games or quality to focus on some stupid booth babe contest. I'm sure that causing some asshole to harass the booth babes even more, leading to possible law suits and also turning off female gamers[I hate the term girl gamers. I'm 25, I am not a girl gamer. I was maybe a girl gamer at age 10.] and dudes with any sense in their heads. You know what gamers care about? FUCKING GAMES. Shut up about stupid sexist objectifying contests and bring me some fucking games.

Also notice that even though casual games are said by some to tilt too far in the direction of girliness[personally I don't care about wedding or baby themed games just as long as the mechanics are solid, and prefer blood and violence to be related either to the story or to have a purpose], the companies aren't encouraging us to sexually harass men for a free wine and dine dinner!

You know why I play casual games? Not only because the whole easy download without worries about spyware thing comforts me, but because they have to pump out games without this bullshit. Screw you, EA.

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Blogger Josh Miller said...

I don't think EA has ever really focused on Quality. I mean 90% of what they make are sports games that re identical to last year's game other than rosters.

6:59 AM  
Blogger shannon said...

hehehe, that's true. Maybe I should have said 'focus on making at least vaguely competent crap'

9:19 PM  

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