Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Can't People Write a Goddamn Story Anymore?

I read Otomen volume 2, and I am quite disappointed. Iruka could have been a good recurring character, but I'm sure we'll never see her again, as well as we won't see Asuka's little fanboy again. I guess they are having the Love*Com complex in which actual obstacles to the official couple's relationship won't endure past one chapter.

Personally, I'm OK with romance manga- for example, I'm rereading Fruits Basket. It's a romance, but both of the rivals seem to actually have a chance. There are also dark hints about the past and other story lines. Another example of a romance manga that handles things well is Skip Beat! I have the 19th volume in my hot hands now. The official couple may be pretty dull[standard I met him once as a child, slap slap kiss stuff], but the surrounding story about show biz and Kyoko working hard to achieve her new dream is interesting.

If you only have romance, spice it up. Otherwise, I'm not going to spend my cash on it.

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