Monday, April 12, 2010

On Being a Creepy Perv

First, I am not pleased that my sexuality is being equated with a plastic statue of anime chick B. How is it that whenever some dude wants to defend his dudely pervness it's always 'folks are just scared of female sexuality'. Dude, unless we're snarking on some woman who masturbates to plastic figures, don't drag our sexualities into this. This ain't female sexuality, this is a plastic figure with huge boobs. Not to mention, to make it equal, it shouldn't be just men being bad asses with no shirt- they should be blushing in a thong speedo, bent over in a receptive position!

Second, yea, I find a room full of PVC figures in which HER PANTIES REALLY COME OFF! off putting. I'd feel more comfortable if there were one or two lingerie lolis in with a wide vareity of figures. I could think "Oh, this guy just loves his plastic toys". But if they are all lingerie lolis, I'm going to think that yea...that's just a bit obsessive... I hope he's not the sort of guy who loves the female form, but hates the real thing.

Yes, us 3d human females, with our different likes and dislikes, our human quirks, remember us? Anyway, sometimes I worry that some people are using the fantasy world of anime and manga to hide out from their real intimacy needs. Yes, Vanille will never leave you, but you can't really love her, as she's not human. Maybe we should all get out of our otaku caves and interact with the real world and real people.

It's easier for males to hide in this world, as people tend to at base excuse their "women are blah blah blah" spiel. If a 30 year old woman was insisting that her entire room dedicated to RPatz was healthy, she'd be backlashed pretty hard. Us black women are constantly hearing 'settle for any man with a pulse OR YOU'LL BE ALONE!!!!!!!" We have less leeway for that nonsense, so most of us woman up and grow up.



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