Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why I don't read superhero comics

Even though indie comics don't have much better racial politics[my new obsession ,Scott Pilgrim, is very white], we don't get endless retreads. Scott Pilgrim will not reappear with dubious updates in 2020, Palomar will not become a small town in Arizona, etc, etc. I think comics are best when they are one linear story. I don't care about 40 years of tradition. I want things to move forward. I read the stories of the past in the past, and now I want new stories. Part of new stories is embracing the real world that we live in now. A world full of many different cultures and identities. A world where women realize that if they are an E cup, they need a little more support. I don't want people of color characters that say "In my Latin culture, we eat tacos!", but I also don't want an all white cast with one brown face who acts like a white person dipped in chocolate. Discrimination, culture, geography, history- all of these would have formed the person's character and how they react to life.

Instead of generics, I want writers to breathe life into their characters. We're Americans. We have a big country filled with cultures and traditions. Use that! Use that, and people will respond.



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