Saturday, May 08, 2010


Here are some rules on reviewing which I probably will not follow. I especially reserve the right to say that Pantyshot Manga A is best read by horny boys, and Kinky Torture Porn Manga B might definitely make your inner feminist cringe.

Here on this blog, you'll get what you pay for. So onto the reviewing! This month's Afterschool Charisma had some nice romantic development, very few wacky hijinks, and the scene at the end, for all its unnecessary nudity, really drives home the message about clones being desperate to overcome their fate. Of course, fridge logic makes me think this is all pretty silly-if your identical twin broke his leg, would you be worried about breaking yours too? The anti clone sentiment also confuses me- we only get a little bit of what the shadowy anti clone conspiracy is planning and of course, no explanation of what the owners of a clone school have against clones, and why they look down on them. Of course since we only really have the perspective of an ordinary high school student, answers will be extremely slow in coming.



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