Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Death of Anime and Casual Game Pet Peeves

O The Death of Anime

Will bangzoom stop dubbing anime?

The death of anime.

I have to admit that I rent anime[although netflix is short waiting half my anime list] and buy manga. The problem for producers of anime is to separate people who have legitimate complaints from people who will download no matter what. Some people torrent SigIkki stuff, which is FREE ONLINE. So you have to market to people who actually will buy. For example, I buy manga because I like the dead tree experience. I'm willing to pay a little extra for color pages, and with prices, I am comparing to the cost of books so manga does not seem too expensive- a mass market paperback book is 6.99 at least, and most books I find at Borders are at least $15. Compare me to the sort of person who wants a terabyte of the newest stuff whether he actually reads it or not, and you'll see who companies should market to.

Casual Game Pet Peeves

I hate it when you can choose say...the gender and hair color of your character but not the skin color. Really folks? That's an easy tweak.

I also hate it when even if they have males of darker hues[see Gemini Lost], there's no females of darker hues. What's up with that?

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Anonymous kim said...

Yes, I agree with you....I find that very disconserting and biggoted!!!

5:15 PM  

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