Friday, July 23, 2010

To Terra and D Grey Man

Today I'm covering manga I borrowed from the library.

I am addicted to the 70s style art of To Terra [I notice that A Distant Soil seems to have been inspired by it at least in the art department.]

I read Andromeda Stories before this, and the same theme I loved- the relationship of man and machine is very ascendant here. I found the longing for earth poetic and beautiful, like Saturn Apartments, it makes me nostalgic for the home I already have. And the theme of human connection despite differences[although by 'differences' here, we mean 'cool telepathic powers'] was also beautiful. And how could I forget the longing for family and place and belonging? Anyway, maybe you should just read it, and see how science fiction can show emotional issues beautifully.

Now, I turn to D Grey Man, which even though I have read through volume 16 using only the library, I think I'm going to drop it. It just seems like it's getting ridiculous. D Grey Man was more successful when it focused on the human drama, but we're getting huge fights where I can barely follow the action everything is so outsized, shonen power ups[ALLEN WALKER LEVELS UP! CLOWN CROWN!], and loads and loads of characters. I just think this was a good idea that needed a whole lot of tightening up and restraint.



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