Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More about the Hunger Games

And BTW: I don't want to be assured that a bunch of 'off screen' characters are people of color, or that we can just imagine that everyone is any color. I want to 'see' it. Even the little note that Rue is dark skinned is enough for me. If you just go with "the red haired, green eyed girl" I'm not seeing anyone who looks like me. When an author goes out of their way to not mention skin color, except for one or two times, our mental landscape may end up not very colorful.

Now, for movie rumors! A white Rue would be awful. I'll accept a white Katniss, even though I'd prefer someone more ambiguous. BUT! I don't want a Katniss that can't seem like she is fighting desperately for survival. And for god's sake, don't take out the action and replace it with boring boring romance scenes, please?



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