Monday, October 04, 2010

Black Bird Vol 6 wasn't that Bad

I was thinking of dropping it after vol 5, but luckily, this volume doesn't have as much sappy romance and crap about how much Misao and Kyo luuuuuurve each other, and the plot actually advances. Backstory is revealed! I would like to hear more about the family dynamics of Kyo's evil demonic family and much much less about lurve. You two are an official couple- we don't need to hear about their lurve every five minutes. If they must go on about their deep and fated love, they should do it only when there is random nudity. Of course we know that the big OMG! WILL KYO SLEEP WITH SOMEONE ELSE?! cliffhanger will not in fact occur, and even the author is bored with her boring boring covers. So it's a mixed bag, but it's enough to keep me reading.



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