Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I guess he's right

about why it doesn't matter that Scott Pilgrim didn't make a zillion dollars. I usually don't get too excited about people making movies about things I love as for movies a lot of the complexity and diversity of the book/comic that they made a movie out of disappears- it becomes the same old blockbuster movie with different names on it. But I admit, I loved the Scott Pilgrim movie even though the emphasis moved from romance and growing up to cool action scenes.

I must admit that quirky movies with white 20 somethings won't go away even if Scott Pilgrim bombs, and I'd be more concerned if it was a film with a person of color breaking out of the designated Hollywood roles, and being in an interesting and complex film. I think another reason I'm not concerned is that Scott Pilgrim is near guaranteed to be a cult classic, and the whole point of a cult classic is that it appeals to a few people a lot, rather than a lot of people a little. It may not be the best formula for a blockbuster hit, but not every movie can make 200 million on the first weekend.



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