Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Civilization IV is still the best civilization game

As I loved the espionage ,race for religion, and the fact that you can turn off vassal states. However, despite how annoying I find city states[I need to remember who is allied with who? Is this high school? You barely give me shit. can't I just crush you? Please?] , and how much I love to go into people's cities, steal their technology and cause a revolt, I do like the fact that there are NOT giant roving stacks of doom, that you can discover natural wonders, that you can buy new land tiles, that the resources are limited, and the new civics while not as good as civ 4 is still a good system- I like buying things with culture points. I am confused about some mechanics like 'why can't I just put my settler on a boat so I can get across the ocean quickly instead of embarking him and he crawls across the ocean and I have to find my frigate to protect him..." I do miss the randomness of the events and religions, and being able to crush barbarians and add them to my civilization instead of just getting a few gold which you can barely use to bribe anyone.

The graphics are good as far as the land is concerned, but I don't like how the units are depicted on the map. They don't seem 'solid' somehow, which is probably just my computer not being a gaming computer. However, some images have a real charm to them, such as the leader images,which are more attractive than the leader images from Civ4.

Eh,I'll play it for a few hundred hours.

Someone else loves civ 4 too.



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