Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Someone else remembers this

A long time ago, I watched this Minky Momo OAV[unsubbed, on an old video tape] and I've never forgotten it. A slow animated meditation on the passing of time. I'm not going to say that anime like this can't be created today, but I still think it's important to watch older anime. Then again, maybe it's just my very slow anime viewing style. Some people are at the cutting edge, watching the new Japanese season's shows as they come out, even if they are all otaku wank fantasies. I am slower- rewatching Miyazaki films that came out over a quarter century ago, finally getting around to watching the hot shows of five and ten years ago. I am like this in manga as well. I am more current, as far as American fan time goes, but I read manga over and over. I want to savor the stories, the characters. Some things don't go out of style.

But I understand other ways of doing things. A lot of people enjoy the community of talking about the latest releases. I simply can't move at that pace.



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