Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Noone's Paying You to Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams

I don't think that Stu Levy is bipolar manic and addicted like Charlie Sheen, even though his business decisions are horrible.

I think he's got an overdose of Americanitis. The whole I'm thinking positive! I'm ignoring you negative haters thing is rampant here. And the sad thing is that 'negative haters' are what other people call 'customers' or 'people who know what they are talking about'. Many companies have gone under when they stopped serving the customers they had, and started chasing after customers that may or may not exist. The average manga customer has plenty of companies vying for their dollar, and without skilled editors, you can't produce the quality or quantity you need to compete.

Keep it simple! I get the feeling that people watching reality shows on Hulu aren't going to become paying manga customers.

People who say "You know, the world doesn't need another reality show" aren't haters. They are people who are telling the truth. Ignore them at your peril.



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