Monday, April 11, 2011

Gatcha Gatcha 1-4

Yuri is a cheerful girl who believes the best of everyone, and especially in love. So obviously, she's taken advantage of by tons of losers from drug addicts to domestic abusers. Motoko is a tall, beauty, the Madonna of the school. So obviously, she eats squid jerky, beats the crap out of half of the guys she encounters, and is involved in an incestous lesbian love triangle.

OK, maybe not obviously. But that's what makes Gatcha Gatcha so fun. Rounding out the cast is Yabe, Yuri's object de drool of the day, who has a connection to Motoko, Hirao, a nice guy in the internet sense, and Sekine,a 'maidenly boy' who Motoko says "is MY bitch". This is the sort of ensemble in which you don't need a deep plot, jut let them bounce off of each other, but there is a plot here- mostly involving Motoko's soap operaesque past.

It's good fun with many twists, turns, and stabbings, but I'd like to know more about Yuri. Why is she almost suicidally devoted to love? Is it just her lack of visible parents or is there some horror in her past that we don't know about yet?

It seems that volume 5 will be dealing with Motoko's past as well, so we may or may not find out.

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