Saturday, December 28, 2013

Unpopular Opinion: I Hate Cards Against Humanity

    As a big meanie fun hater, I can't stand Cards Against Humanity. There's nothing I enjoy less than sitting at a table while people snicker about sassy black women and big black cocks. The idea that folks need a game to give themselves permission to act like dickbags decades after white boy backlash shows like Famly Guy and South Park have given us way too many "edgy" retreads of the same old sterotypes sickens me. People think they are really pushing the envelope by being offensive, but it's just the same old overchewed gum spit into our mouths.
    Other than being boring and tired, like Apples to Apples for the kids who yell the n word on Xbox Live, it's passive aggressive oppression. People can vent their unoriginal racism and sexism in a "safe" "joking" manner. You aren't supposed to call people on the content of "jokes". This is why we ended up with the onion calling a 9 year old girl a c---. They felt free to unleash their misogynoir because being offensive is automatically considered funny. It's a good smoke screen for unexamined douchebaggery. And I admit that I don't want to know that about people.
   Part of the reason I love games and gaming is that it doesn't matter who you are. Cards ruins that by reasserting the power structure. White men get to "win" by not being offended by "petty" concerns like ableism and sexism. The rest of us "lose" by being disquieted or uncomfortable. There's pressure for us to be "fun" by cosigning soft bigotry. I don't want to be fun. I want to have it.


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